Touch Screen Vending Machines

Today, the vending machines have gone far beyond their conventional role. It’s no more just chips and soda; current day vending machines have become smarter and more advanced than ever! Vending machines are now the future of retail. Nowadays, they play a crucial role in attracting large volumes of customers by launching new and complex product categories. What used to be the giant refrigerator like vending machine is now more compact yet functional. Among the numerous new age machines that are making their presence felt in the world, touch screen vending machines are increasingly becoming popular.

Touch Screen Vending Machine – The Future is here!

In today’s jet paced age, consumers want solutions that make life a lot easier and convenient. Customised touchscreen vending machines aren’t just some smart technology upgrade, but they offer indelible and intuitive consumer experience.

Smart Box delivers a supremely designed and world-class interface for touchscreen vending machines. The advanced interface allows the consumers to visualise the touch screen, giving them a better view of the product. This eventually enables much stronger sales experience as compared to conventional vending solutions.

In addition to this, this system enables business owners to sell complex categories like electronics, apparels or even something like out-of-the-box things like cosmetic or PPE items. Moreover, it can be customised to allow a sophisticated and interactive sales experience.

At Smart Box Vending Machine, we strive to deliver premium quality customised vending solutions. Whether you sell chocolates, something large like sweatshirts or even perishables like cakes; we customise the vending machines to suit your unique business model.

In addition to this, extending an intuitive experience lies at the very core of our vending machines. The technological sophisticated touchscreen interface displays visually appealing product images and descriptions to extend a more personalised and innate consumer experience.

Apart from this compelling display and excellent service; touch screen vending machines offer a hygienic alternative as compared to traditional machines. In the light of the current global medical crisis, the importance of personal hygiene has increased manifold. Since, touchscreen vending machines are easy to wipe clean, as opposed to the small buttons on the conventional machines, which not only collect grit and grime, but even deadly viruses and germs.

Superior Solutions For a Wide Range of Industries

Whether you want to place a vending machine in a corporate office or in a high footfall location like a mall, we tailor our solutions to accommodate your unique needs.

Besides, at Smart-Box, we offer customised vending machines that play a crucial role in enhancing your brand presence and optimise your marketing goals.

Sophisticated Touch Screen Vending Machine For Smooth Consumer Experience

Equipped with some of the latest and advanced technology, our vending machine has following features:

  1. Easy Interface for Hassle-Free Transactions: Our touch screen vending machine interface is simple, allowing the buyers to swiftly carry out the transactions. Packed with a multitude of intuitive features, we deliver a straightforward and hassle-free user experience. The user can see the products on screen, tap on it and swipe the card to complete the transaction.
  2. Optimised Revenues with Excellent Upsell Feature: Investing in a touchscreen vending machine can help you optimise your revenues with its upsell feature. The interface is designed such that it lets you alternatively sell a bundle of products in a single transaction, in addition to suggesting add-ons, which can maximise your revenues.
  3. Better Inventory Management: Inventory management is what lies at the heart of any successful and profitable vending machine. With a touch screen interface, the inventory management becomes smoother. It can help you keep a record of products, and so you can restock the depleting inventory on time.
  4. Expand the Horizon With Variety of Products Modern-day vending machines are breaking free from its conventional role of dispensing chips and soda. With technology, it’s horizons are also expanding. With new smart touch screen vending solutions, you can offer a sea of options to the buyers. Right from regular things like snacks & beverages to more complex inventory, our touch screen vending machines can offer interactive shopping experience.
  5. Excellent Elevator Delivery System The key to dispense virtually any product is to have a rugged and excellent elevator delivery system. Incorporating the best in class elevator delivery system, our machines can effortlessly and safely vend out product including fragile glass, iced cakes and even electronics.

Our vending machines are packed with innovative features that are ready to make your customer’s shopping a hassle free experience. Get in Touch with Experts from Smart Box to get more information on the advanced touchscreen vending machines.

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