Sanitary Dispensers Vending Machines

Infuse Female Hygiene with Sanitary Product Vending Machine

For any woman, hygiene is of prime importance. Especially during the days when she is menstruating, every female needs to have access to sanitary products like pads and tampons. There might be incidences in educational spaces, workplaces or public places where girls might suffer from menstrual emergencies without having a pad or tampon handy. Other than this, in rural areas, orphanages and so on, the women might not have the economic power to buy or the access to sanitary products. To solve all these problems related to female hygiene, an effective solution is installing sanitary pads vending machines in schools, colleges, offices, hotels, gyms, clubs, public washrooms, high-footfall areas and such.

A sanitary vending machine in schools, workplaces and other commercial establishments will ensure that a woman employee, student or client doesn’t have to suffer embarrassment during their menstrual cycles. Meanwhile these also help your commercial space set an impression by expressing public concern and increase overall female worker productivity. In medical facilities these help reinstate better hygiene. Besides, it is necessary to recognise that sanitary hygiene items are not just a need but a necessity. Sanitary products vending machines help spread such awareness by tackling taboos associated with menstruation. These sanitary dispensers vending machines also ensure that females who are vulnerable can get affordable and constant supply of napkins, pads as well as tampons.

Smart Box is a supplier of easy to use smart sanitary pads vending machines in schools and other educational institutes as well as commercial, industrial and public spaces.

Advantages of Installing Sanitary Dispensers Vending Machines

There are several benefits associated with the provision of Smart Box’s sanitary vending machines in schools, colleges, backward areas, commercial spaces and more. Some of these are mentioned below.

● Sanitary product vending machines ensure constant supply of pads, tampons and napkins.
● These machines are easy to use by all sections of the society.
● Sanitary dispensers vending machines make female hygiene products more accessible.
● They provide better privacy as well as independence.
● They dispense pads and tampons at affordable prices.
● Smart vending machines ensure 24/7 availability of sanitary products.
● They result in better physical and mental health by providing relief for stress, anxieties, high menstrual flow, infections and more.
● Sanitary pads vending machines in schools, workplaces, public washrooms and more provide immediate assistance during emergencies.
● They help infuse better hygiene at all places.
● In commercial spaces, these encourage better productivity and help spread goodwill.

Where are Sanitary Product Vending Machines Installed?

Due to all the above advantages, a medical vending machine has become a life-saving investment. These will help tackle health problems in full force.

Applications of a Medical Vending Machine

Smart Box’s compact, user-friendly and economical sanitary dispensers vending machines can be installed at a number of places. These are as follows:

● Schools, colleges and universities
● Corporate Offices
● Hotel and restaurant washrooms
● Public washrooms
● Clubs and community centres
● Charities
● Orphanages
● Rural areas
● Healthcare centres and more

These sanitary vending machines in schools, medical facilities, charities and so on ensure that no woman has to use cloth napkins or other makeshift pads to tackle their menstrual flow.

Features of Sanitary Dispensers Vending Machines

Smart Box’s sanitary product vending machines are popular due to their unique intel features. Some of these are:

➔ User friendliness through either coin dispensers or card readers
➔ Compactness that fits any space
➔ Fully insulated and energy efficient units
➔ Low stock, malfunction or errors alerts
➔ Central pricing management to reduce overheads
➔ Microphone and speakers
➔ High definition touch screen display
➔ Remote monitoring for inventory checks and resolving issues for maintenance
➔ Fully customisable UX and UI
➔ Real time updates for machine upgrades and new features
➔ Voice recognition integration
➔ Backend admin access to enable product management and view reports
➔ Customer surveys that provide scope for future improvements
➔ Maintenance analytics and future predictions
➔ QR code
➔ Timely updates via mobile app
➔ Customisable design and product options

All these special features make our sanitary pad vending machines in schools, offices, medical facilities and so forth, amongst the best in Australia. In addition, Smart Box’s sanitary product vending machines can be personalised to include your brand design, logo and such, thereby helping with promotions. You can also choose the size as per the area of your space. Apart from this, if you wish to supply additional products through our technologically-advanced machines, you can specify these and we will add them in as per availability.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call to get a sanitary product vending machine installed in your surroundings today.

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