PPE & Hygiene Product Vending Machine

The world today is facing perhaps the biggest medical crisis in recent history. With the novel coronavirus or COVID – 19 sweeping across a majority of countries in the world, it has become increasingly important to have a modern solution that helps the users get quick and easy access to personal protective products like hand gloves, N95 respirator masks, hand sanitizers and more.

We Bring Essential Products at Your Disposal

Smart-Box with its innovative and technologically advanced vending machines ensure that users can get the necessary items such as gloves, respiratory masks and hand sanitizers immediately and without any hassles.

We are one of the reputed and coveted vending machines service providers with exceptional experience in offering advanced and avant garde vending solutions across wide industrial domains.

Vending machines offer a perfect solution to provide the users with access to indispensable personal protective items and other medical products during a time of medical crisis.

Moreover, our vending machines offer an ultimate means to effectively store and hand out protective items in a simple and fast manner.

In addition to this, our fully stocked vending machines can be customised as per your needs. Our technicians understand your requirements to know what exactly you want. Based on these specifications, we built a machine that has every product and features that goes well with your medical facilities and addresses your needs efficiently. Also, we ensure the machine is built and installed in an area where it can be conveniently accessed by the end-users.

Cost-Effective One-Stop Vending Machine

At Smart Box, we strive to offer the best-in-class solutions at utmost competitive prices. Our cost effective vending machines offer a one-stop solution and offer a wide range of products like medical gloves, respiratory and surgical masks, health-department approved hand sanitisers from a single shelf.

  • Smart-box Vending is a Digital Vending machine with real time reporting.
  • Smartbox comes in range of both Glass front and Touch screen options based on requirements.
  • Easy, quick and safe access to essential products including PPE and hygiene at workplace.
  • Integrated stock alarms that help in inventory management. It can alert the sellers and vendors of low stock or stock outs, ensuring you can offer excellent customer experience.
  • Smart-Box Vending machines help you reduce stock shrinkage by Stock control and online management of the products.
  • Moreover, we integrate smart technologies like RFID and cashless transactions to ensure you get a safe and secure payment method.
  • Besides, each transaction is recorded on the card reader giving the users clear visibility around usage.
  • With an advanced inventory management system, we allow you to offer a balanced and customised selection of products to the end-users.

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