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Increase Accessibility to Medicines with Pharmacy Vending Machine

Due to the current global coronavirus pandemic, medicine supply has been increasingly disrupted. Moreover, pharmacies are now overworked and chemists no longer have the time to attend to every client. In fact, going to the pharmacy and standing in queues is highly unsafe and therefore better solutions that allow you to avoid crowds and get your medicine supply are necessary. This demand is what gave rise to pharmaceutical vending machines.

A pharmaceutical vending machine helps cut down on queues and dispenses non prescription drugs with ease. On the other hand, prescription medicines can be dispensed after the machine scans the doctor’s prescription note. Moreover, by installing a pharmacy vending machine, the price is minimal while benefits are maximised. These can act as a great alternative for actual pharmacies in a time when the need has quadrupled. These pharmacy vending machines near you can thereby act as an important relief measure in times when world economies are grappling with COVID-19. These made medicines and other health supplies more accessible even everywhere, even in rural areas.

Smart Box’s Intelligent Pharmaceutical Vending Machine

Due to the obvious opportunity presented by pharmacy vending machines, there are many providers who came up with solutions. However, Smart Box’s products are the best pharmacy vending machine near you. This is due to the intelligent features presented by the pharmaceutical machine available at the best pharmacy machine price. Our pharmaceutical machines operate through a dedicated app. In addition, these support cashless payments and can be made contactless. These are also compact and can be customised as per requirement. Additionally, these have inventory signals that allow timely refilling and repair alerts to ensure regular maintenance.

Extravagant Features of Our Pharmaceutical Machine

Some of the features of Smart Box’s Pharmacy vending machines that make them unique are given below:

➢ Scanners to read prescriptions
➢ QR Code
➢ Low inventory alerts for restocking
➢ Remote monitoring for inventory checks and resolving issues for maintenance
➢ Real time updates for machine upgrades and new features
➢ Voice recognition integration
➢ Fully customisable UX and UI
➢ Fully insulated and energy efficient units
➢ Customer surveys
➢ Maintenance analytics and future predictions
➢ Facial recognition technology
➢ Central pricing management to reduce overheads
➢ Microphone and speakers
➢ Timely updates via mobile app
➢ Gesture recognition
➢ ERP integration
➢ Cloud connectivity
➢ High definition touch screen display
➢ Backend admin access to enable product management and view reports
➢ Various customisable designs and sizes
➢ Error and malfunction signals
➢ Dual temperature zones
➢ Responsive support for repair and restocking

All these features are what make our pharmaceutical machine worth buying. It is also available at the best pharmacy vending machine price. Therefore, it can be said that our pharmacy vending machine near you is worth the investment.

Where can You Find a Pharmacy Vending Machine Near You?

Smart Box’s pharmaceutical vending machines are versatile enough to be installed at several places. Some of the spaces where you can find our technologically advanced pharmacy vending machines are as follows:

➔ Remote or rural clinics
➔ Nursing homes
➔ Busy hospitals
➔ Pharmacies
➔ Private clinics
➔ Aged care centres
➔ Pathological laboratories
➔ Blood banks
➔ Radiology centres

Our pharmacy vending machine is a great addition for the overall well-being of our society and can be installed at minimal pharmacy vending machine prices.

Benefits of Our Pharmacy Vending Machines

There are several advantages associated with smart Box’s pharmaceutical vending machines. These are listed below.

● Smart Box’s pharmaceutical vending machine allows 24*7 availability of medicines
● These are easy to use.
● Our vending machines support promotional efforts.
● They are customisable.
● These enable easy access to fast moving prescription drugs.
● Our products save considerable space due to compactness.
● These help reduce the incidence of deadly diseases.
● Pharmacy vending machines curb spread of contagions by limiting contact with a pharmacist.
● They help medical centres save money on additional space or workforce.
● These help save pharmacist’s time in finding and packing drugs as well as calculating the money.
● Our machines make medicines accessible to vulnerable sections of the society.
● These promote better productivity.
● They help reduce overburden on medical spaces by distributing footfall.
● Smartbox’s machines minimise wait times by eliminating long queues.
● These promote better and widespread healthcare.
● They are available at the most affordable pharmacy vending machine price.

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