Make Healthcare Accessible with Prescription Medication Vending Machines

Healthcare is a basic human necessity in today’s time. With diseases increasing every single day globally, pharmacies and hospitals are getting overcrowded. Moreover, there is an exponential demand that the current personnel cannot meet. Apart from this, while cities are bustling with healthcare facilities, these are quite limited in Australia’s remote areas. There are more patients per clinic and a limited supply of medicines. Certain areas don’t have immediate access to doctors or pharmacists. Therefore, efforts are being made to reduce the overall burden on the healthcare sector and make availability of imperative medicines convenient. One major discovery during such efforts has been the introduction of the medicine vending machine.

Prescription medication vending machines can require low investment and are compact. This allows them to be installed everywhere. Moreover, these are easy to use and come with inventory control by medicine vending machines distributors. These can be set up in pharmacies, thereby reducing the burden of the person behind the counter and minimising redundant tasks. In rural areas, these vending machines are the messiah that make medicines accessible to everyone and ensure a steady supply. They are great substitutes to the limited number of pharmacies at remote places. For all the above reasons, a medical vending machine is truly the need of the hour.

Smart Box are medicine vending machine distributors that provide advanced and automated prescription medication vending machines.

How Does a Medical Vending Machine Work?

Smart Box’s prescription medication vending machines work in a fairly simple manner. It has a scanner that reads the medical prescription and dispenses fast selling drugs right away. In this manner this vending machine, provided by the top medicine vending machines distributors, makes provision of prescription medicine much easier. The machine also sends out low inventory signals to allow timely refiling.

Advantages of Prescription Medication Vending Machines

Vending machines provided by medicine vending machines distributors have a large set of benefits. These are as follows:

● Allows 24*7 availability of medicines
● Permits easy access to fast moving prescription drugs
● Bestows convenience of use
● Ensures no spread of contagions by avoiding direct contact with a pharmacist
● Reduces workload of pharmacists by helping save their time in finding and packing drugs as well as calculating the money
● Promotes better productivity in healthcare facilities, pharmacies and such
● Reduces overburden on medical spaces by distributing footfall
● Helps minimise wait times by eliminating long queues
● Eases provision of medicines to vulnerable sections of the society
● Promotes better and widespread healthcare
● Reducing the incidence of deadly diseases that need expensive surgeries
● Helps medical centres save money on additional space or workforce
● Assists in saving considerable space at any place due to compactness
● Allows customisation of products as well as the design and size
● Supports promotional efforts

Due to all the above advantages, a medical vending machine has become a life-saving investment. These will help tackle health problems in full force.

Applications of a Medical Vending Machine

Prescription drugs vending machines provided by medical vending machines distributors can be set up in a variety of spaces. Some of these include:

➔ Remote or rural clinics
➔ Nursing homes
➔ Busy hospitals
➔ Pharmacies
➔ Private clinics
➔ Aged care centres
➔ Pathological laboratories
➔ Blood banks
➔ Radiology centres

A medical vending machine in such places is a futuristic boon to the community. It helps ensure continual supply of fast moving prescription medicines without the need of special workforce and additional space.

Unique Features of Prescription Medication Vending Machines

Smart Box’s is amongst the leading medicine vending machines distributors in Australia. Our automatic medication vending machines are endowed with many unique and smart features. Some of these are mentioned below.

➢ Scanners to read prescriptions
➢ QR Code
➢ Low inventory alerts for restocking
➢ Remote monitoring for inventory checks and resolving issues for maintenance
➢ Real time updates for machine upgrades and new features
➢ Voice recognition integration
➢ Fully customisable UX and UI
➢ Fully insulated and energy efficient units
➢ Customer surveys
➢ Maintenance analytics and future predictions
➢ Facial recognition technology
➢ Central pricing management to reduce overheads
➢ Microphone and speakers
➢ Timely updates via mobile app
➢ Gesture recognition
➢ ERP integration
➢ Cloud connectivity
➢ High definition touch screen display
➢ Backend admin access to enable product management and view reports
➢ Various customisable designs and sizes
➢ Error and malfunction signals
➢ Dual temperature zones
➢ Responsive support for repair and restocking

All of these features make our medical vending machine the perfect addition to health facilities. These are truly technological marvels that ensure better healthcare.

If you are a medical provider looking for a prescription medication vending machine for your establishment, call Smart-Box Australia. We will provide a personalised solution designed with your desired products, size and design, such that it blends perfectly with your space.

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