Revenue Generating Machine

Revenue Generating Machine

With no starting investment required, you can start reaping revenues through product sales as well as digital advertising platforms!

Hassle Free Process

Hassle Free Process

We will conduct the installation, maintenance as well as timely upgrades – at no cost to you!

No Inventory Monitoring Required

No Inventory Monitoring Required

Yes, we will source and refill the products as well as remotely monitor your machine to track when your inventory runs low.

Increases New Foot Traffic

Increases New Foot Traffic

This means that not only will existing customers utilize the Smartbox at your facility, but it will also attract new users due to its ease of operations and attractive features.

Variety of Choices

Variety of Choices

The vending machine offers a wide variety of choices of food, drink, stationary, medical products and more to the end-users of your facility – making your facility a one-stop-shop for all their needs.

Ease of Payment

Ease of Payment

Our modes of payment are NFC technologies which include Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paywave, Mobile Pay and soon to be released on Smartbox Cripto Pay.

Give Your Brand a Boost with Smart Vending Machine Solutions


Fast moving non prescriptive medicines


Personal hygiene products like sanitary wear, contraceptives, bandages, etc.


Food, beverage and confectionery products


Food and health supplements and health drinks


Lifestyle products like cosmetics, sunscreen, etc.


Stationery, arts & crafts, IT supplies

Advanced Intel Vending Machines for Better Crowd Generation

Marketing has become extremely important for all businesses today. The best way to do this is giving your target audience a chance to experience your product. This can now be done easily owing to digital vending machines.

Smart Box, set up by experienced smart vending machine provider SVA Vending, provides personalised vending machines in Australia. We deliver machines that provide products of your choice, customised content and bespoke design for your brand. These technologically advanced solutions can be set up in high-traffic areas to ensure optimal promotion and increased sales.




Health Clubs

We cater for all these aspects of your business to give you a custom-made Smartbox vending machine that has been created specifically for your needs!

Unique Features of Digital Vending Machines

Smart Box’s Intel smart vending machine provides a list of attractive features that help us stay on top of competition. These are as follows:

● Brand experience and interaction
● Fully insulated and energy efficient units
● Product sampling made possible
● Customer surveys
● Maintenance analytics and future predictions
● Low stock, malfunction or errors alerts
● Facial recognition technology
● Central pricing management to reduce overheads
● Microphone and speakers
● QR code
● Timely updates via mobile app

● Gesture recognition
● ERP integration
● Dual temperature zones to serve both hot and cold drinks
● Cloud connectivity
● Regular social Media updates
● High definition touch screen display
● Backend admin access to enable product management and view reports
● Remote monitoring for inventory checks and resolving issues for maintenance
● Real time updates for machine upgrades and new features
● Voice recognition integration
● Direct connection with users via social networking platforms
● Fully customisable UX and UI

All these features make our personalised vending machine a lucrative investment. Moreover, this smart vending machine provides various advantages to your business.



Every business is unique, with its own needs – we customise accordingly.


Our software is easily customisable and can integrate with your system.


The products stocked in the machine can also be changed as per market trends.


The content displayed on the machine can be modified to suit your business.


The machine itself will be available in bespoke colours and skins.


Customisation can enhance your brand presence, supporting your marketing goals.

Our Reach


Smartbox vending machine Installed

350 Million


3 Million+

Transactions PA

Advantages of Digital Vending Machines in Australia

When compared to a traditional vending machine, there are various benefits associated with Smart Box’s intel smart vending machine. Some of these are listed below.

➔ They help generate revenue through better sales and digital marketing platforms.
➔ They require no initial investment.
➔ Installation, maintenance as well as upgrades are taken care of by us at no cost, thus making the process hassle free.
➔ Remote inventory management and low stock notifications to ensure that the machine doesn’t run out.
➔ The ease of operations and attractive features will pull more new clients towards your business.

All these advantages give enough reason for any business to invest in a personalised vending machine by Smart Box.

Applications of Personalised Vending Machines

Smart Box’s digital vending machine can be used to vend the following:

★ Fast moving non prescription medicines
★ Personal hygiene products like sanitary wear, contraceptives, bandages, etc.
★ Food, beverage and confectionery products
★ Food and health supplements and health drinks
★ Lifestyle products like cosmetics, sunscreen, etc.
★ Stationery, arts & crafts, IT supplies

Apart from this, our Intel smart vending machine can be used to cater to a lot many segments. In fact, our solutions can be customised as per your needs.

Looking for an intelligent solution to increase your sales? Invest in Smart Box’s personalised vending machine right away. Give us a call to enquire.

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